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Jack Simpson writing

Shrapnel Valley, Gallipoli

26 April 1915

Today my heart is broken.  My best friend passed away.  It is so

sad because he was so funny and made me laugh all the time.  His

name was James.

When soldiers get wounded me and Duffy go up the steep hill and

find them and bring them down to the beach.  Then they go on the

boat to Lemnos Island if they are badly hurt but sadly some of them

die on the way there.

The smell of blood is ground into my uniform.  There are heaps of

flies round my head.  I can hear them buzzing and it is getting

really annoying.  When I am near the hospital I can hear moaning

and groaning.

I wish I was at home with my cat Sandy, stroking her warm fur safe

in my cozy house.

By Jordyn