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My reading goals

IALT: develop my reading comprehension skills

Recently I took an asTTle reading test. I read a number of texts and answered a range of questions to check my understanding and comprehension. The aim is to take a test at a level where I will make some errors so that I can identify what I need to work on to be a more successful reader.

I have looked at the results of my test and identified 3 goals for this term.

My reading goals are:

[1] Consistently read to understand the meaning of a text [2] Make a conclusion or an assumption [3] Know what different words mean

# 1 and 2 are about understanding the text, especially by thinking about the text more ‘deeply’.

# 3 is about developing my vocabulary and being able to use the information around a difficult word to make sense of it.

You can help me with [1] and [2] by asking me about the book I am reading at home; about the characters, setting, plot and resolution (fiction) Get me to explain why I believe the characters have acted in certain ways and…

My writting goals for term 2

IALT: Improve my writing by learnig how to ;

*Organise my writing into paragraphs 
*use a variety of sentence starters
*use the correct  languages features of a narrative

use a variety of sentence starters 

to help me with this goal I am using a 'sentence starter menu'

it will help my writing be more interesting and to hook the reader in more.