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Writing - Mother of dragons

WALT understand the purpose for writing
Mother of Dragons picture prompt When the dragon had hatched, crawling out of its shell onto her bed, Zoya knew that her life would never be the same again. She had brought the dragon far away from her village; away from the people who would hurt it and take it away from her. As she held it in her hands, Feeling its claws affectionately digging into her fingers through her gloves, Zoya knew exactly what she had to do. What they had to do. Together. The dragon gazed at her. She could see the flames burning within its eyes. It was totally dependent on her, as a newborn child is to its mother. And yet, strangely, she felt dependent upon the dragon as well; dependent upon what it was and what it would become in time. They would become inseparable.Their futures were entwined. Their adventures were only just beginning....

Zoya went to the shop and bought some dragon food. When he was eating she thought of a name, but she saw his green sleek skin and saw hi…

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