WALT Know what different words mean

WALT Know what different words mean

Reading Goal - Term 2

What’s my goal?
Know what different words mean

What have I learned?
That if you try hard enough to do research you can find heaps of words that mean the same thing
How to think of different words to replace other words e.g. words to use instead of said

The first is the word we were given and the second word was the word that I came up with that means the same thing.

    1. Replied - responded  
    2. Fairy - Pixie
    3. Announcement - speech
    4. Vanished - disappeared
    5. Spinning - turning
    6. Clumsy - Helpless
    7. Demanded - yelled
    8. Disappear - vanished
    9. Happily - merrily
    10. Frightened - scared

I found this easy because I know lots of different words and what they mean.

What is my next learning step?

I can use several pieces of information to make inferences (on information not directly in the text).


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